Bold Notion is a study in transformation.

Conceived as a series, Bold Notion embraces and embodies the dynamic nature of CORE:—our space, our community, and our culture—and the artists who inspire us. Modern, playful, and inventive, Bold Notion redefines the club experience.


Chicago based contemporary artist POSE has spent most his life painting graffiti and working as a billboard and sign painter. His work draws heavily on graphic communication. Pulling from these quick, loud and visceral worlds he re-contextualizes and obscures the familiar. Like an unfinished puzzle, his work invites viewers to pick up the pieces and get involved. Through bits of street signage and nostalgic slices of Americana, the aim is always to engage and express the complexities of the human condition.
For Bold Notion, POSE takes inspiration from a fictional piece Sparrow, written by his friend Waref Hawasli. The story is a work in progress, a personal tale Hawasli tells about his family’s experiences in Dubai. Using various mediums and the space itself, POSE explores the way in which the story is being told, creating an experiential art environment that the viewer can live and walk through. Aligning this style of storytelling with human themes like love and fear, POSE’s artwork disarms and takes the audience out of their present moment inside a different reality.
POSE has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Dubai, and London. He’s painted large-scale murals all over the world. In 2015, POSE was included in CNN’s international series, Ones to Watch.



Roger Gastman is a collector, curator, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist. He started writing graffiti as a teenager in Bethesda, Maryland, and later parlayed his love for it into a legitimate career, becoming a trusted mediator between the underground art scenes and mainstream culture. He founded and co-published Swindle magazine as well as many highly sought- after art books. As the founder and creative director of RRE, he has transformed graffiti and street artists into internationally recognized stars.
Gastman has been involved in critically acclaimed documentaries: Infamy, Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop (which earned an Academy Award nomination for best documentary), The Legend of COOL “DISCO” DAN, and the upcoming WALL WRITERS. He co-authored The History of American Graffiti, co-curated the groundbreaking MoCA Los Angeles’ Art in the Streets exhibit, and curated PUMP ME UP: D.C. subculture of the 1980s at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Gastman remains a maverick in brand consulting and works tirelessly to cement art and graffiti into the contemporary landscape.