CORE: cultural programming

CORE: produces over 200 thoughtfully curated events every year, exposing our members to emerging trends in the media, the arts, cuisine, travel, commerce, and thought. By fostering shared transformative experiences, the programming at CORE: enriches the intellectual and social lives of its individual members.

The essence of the cultural programming at CORE: promotes conversation among members who are influencing the shape of popular culture, business, and thought. CORE: hosts informal conversations that provide opportunities for members to hear major players in the arts, politics, science, medicine, sports, and other fields share stories of their lives and work.

In its intimate screening room, CORE: provides exclusive previews of the cinematic and theatrical productions that are about to dominate the dialogue. Each event is accompanied by talkbacks with the actors, directors, writers, and producers who had the vision and perspicacity to bring the work to life.

The freshest new ideas in dining are explored in lively epicurean events that deepen members’ understanding of the ever-evolving worlds of food and wine.

These one-of-a-kind programs, as well as a host of off-site forays into art, sporting, or cultural events become vital to stimulating the transformations that characterize the CORE: community.

Upcoming Events

Domestic Violence Awareness Brunch, Conversation


Domestic Violence Awareness Brunch

Featuring CNN’s Christi Paul and Actor Doc Dougherty

The Future of Retail, Business, Conversation

Business, Conversation

The Future of Retail

Will Amazon take over the entire industry?

CORE: vs. JP Morgan Racing Simulator Competition, Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

CORE: vs. JP Morgan Racing Simulator Competition

Handling the tight turns like nobody’s business

Fourth Annual Ferrari Grand Prix Viewing Brunch, Sports & Leisure

Sports & Leisure

Fourth Annual Ferrari Grand Prix Viewing Brunch

We have a need for speed

Live Performances by the KINKY BOOTS Cast at CORE:!, Music, Theater

Music, Theater

Live Performances by the KINKY BOOTS Cast at CORE:!

Hear 3 performances from the lauded musical

Dine with Cultish Rye Whiskey Brand WhistlePig, Epicurean


Dine with Cultish Rye Whiskey Brand WhistlePig

Rye whiskey + CORE: tailored culinary pairings in this exclusive event