Celebrate the New CORE: art group show “Techno Abstractions” -

Toast the talented artists and get a personal walk through of the works in the CORE: library

Celebrate the new group art show in the CORE: library, Techno Abstractions with the artists themselves. Meet the talented artists over cocktails and learn about their incredible works firsthand.

More about Techno Abstractions
Featuring the work of Devra Freelander, Eliot Greenwald, Grant Stoops, Justine Hill & Norma Markley, Techno Abstractions brings together five artists to create a visual vibration of saturated color and gesture. Bridging a multitude of complex surfaces, this exhibition unlocks a collision of color and untamed visual indulgence. The exhibit is curated by Natalie Kates and Amanda Uribe of Latch Key Gallery.

About Devra Freelander
Devra Freelander (born 1990) is a Brooklyn-based sculptor and video artist whose work explores climate change and geology from an ecofeminist and millennial lens. She received her MFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design in 2016, and her BA with honors in Studio Art from Oberlin College in 2012. Freelander has exhibited with CRUSH Curatorial, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, the Affordable Art Fair, the New York Design Center, the RISD Museum, Zoya Tommy Contemporary, the White Gallery, and the Fjuk Arts Centre. She is the co-founder of the feminist sculptor collective MATERIAL GIRLS, and a recipient of the 2016 St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Award. She has participated in the Arctic Circle Residency (2017), Socrates Sculpture Park Emerging Artist Fellowship (2017), Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Residency (2016-2017), Fjuk Arts Centre Residency (2015), and Virginia Commonwealth University Summer Studio Program (2013).

About Eliot Greenwald
Eliot Greenwald is a self-taught artist whose work speaks to the absurdity of the human mind. His sculptures are a rejection of reality, and a rebellion against the banal. Skillfully crafted, teetering on hyper-real, Greenwald draws the viewer into his world with a twist of warped and exaggerated illogicality.
Greenwald’s work has exhibited in Los Angeles, and New York and most recently at SPRING/BREAK Art Show.

About Grant Stoops
Grant Stoops paintings are a translation across many mediums. Molding a cast of characters through clay, Stoops photographs his muses setting scenes that are then digitally composed into diorama-like spaces. The combination of these mediums is the basis for his paintings, which erode all obvious reference to reality while creating an alternate world in high detail. His characters call to mind universal mythologies from universes of illusionistic space and at times trigger our innate empathy to human forms to create unintended and surprising narratives. 

Stoops received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York and recently had his solo show debut at Kustera Projects in Brooklyn. He is a Rema HortMann Foundation nominee.

About Justine Hill
Justine Hill makes abstract paintings using elemental marks and shapes that are distinguished by color, value, and opacity. She works by adding layers, which while physical and permanent, allude in form and opacity to digital painting tools. She works in both a traditional rectangular painting format and in sculptural, shaped canvases she calls “Cut Outs,” reminiscent of Elizabeth Murray. Hill writes, “the recent non-rectangular pieces are highly personified… they are creatures with their own quirky and complex stories.”
Justine Hill received her MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and her BA from the College of the Holy Cross. Hill's most recent exhibitions include Freestanding at Denny Gallery, Movers and Shapers with Ali Silverstein at Victori + Mo in Brooklyn (2018) and a two-person show at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver (2018). She has been in critically reviewed group shows such as Metamodern at Denny Gallery (New York) and Immediate Female at Judith Charles Gallery (New York). Her work has been reviewed or featured in Hyperallergic, New York Magazine, The Observer, The Huffington Post, The Art Newspaper, Artsy, Artspace, Arte Fuse, and Two Coats of Paint.

About Norma Markley
Norma Markley works in a variety of mediums—including neon, embroidery, collage, and photography—she was trained in painting and considers it an integral part of her process. She describes her practice as “recombining various apple pie images of Americana, using felicitously chosen media,” and “thoughtful symbols of throwaway culture.” Necco wafer colors (yellow, orange, red) and a pastiche of language appropriated from the likes of Nabokov, Bukowski, Bataille (eggs, giggles, soft lips) source the work. Narrative is important. Her most recent solo show, paved X and leisurely looping Z, was at Y Gallery (New York, NY, 2016). Her first solo show, Highway X, was at Shores Space in the heart of the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2000). Markley has participated in many group exhibitions, including Tremolo (Rick Wester Gallery, New York, NY, 2017), #1: El Jardin De Las Delicas (Lima, Peru, 2017), Memphis Social (Marshall Arts Gallery, Memphis, TN, 2013), Kuf-Mold Grand Bazaar (Istanbul, 2007), the Queens International (Everything All at Once) at the Queens Museum of Art (Flushing, NY, 2006), Art on Paper at the Weatherspoon Art Museum (Greensboro, NC, 2006), Next Next: Art at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (Brooklyn, NY, 2002), and Selections 32 at the Drawing Center (New York, NY, 1986). Residency fellowships include Fundacion Valparaiso, Aljira Emerge, and Edward A. Albee Visual Arts Residency. She received a New York Foundation of the Arts (NYFA) award in Drawing and a Queens Council on the Arts Grant. She graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art and was awarded an MFA in painting from Columbia University. Her work has been reviewed in The Washington Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The New York Times Long Island, The Los Angeles Times, Review, and the Star-Ledger.