Love, Money and Partnerships -

A Conversation with Marilyn Chinitz and Maria Chrin

This dialogue will help you crystallize your thinking about relationships and offer you the tools and perspective you need to navigate those situations which might have started off with great optimism but are now in a different place. Sometimes in life, we make decisions, which at the time seem like the best ones, but upon long-term reflection, do not turn out as we had planned.

One of those is deciding to establish credit together and putting assets in one name without giving any thought to what might happen if personal lives should change; another is to establish a business with a partner; and yet another is not realizing that we will be living longer lives and don't really focus on what that longevity will cost us.

A partner at Blank Rome LLP. Marilyn concentrates her practice almost exclusively in family law. She brings years of experience in every facet of family law to a setting where the focus is placed on responsive, creative, direct and efficient communication and representation.

Managing Partner of Circle Wealth Management, an advisory firm dedicated to serving ultra-high net worth individuals and families. CWM’s approach is highly personalized and was created with the sole of focus of helping clients achieve personal and financial outcomes that meet their specific definitions and measures of success.

Maria and Marilyn combine years of knowledge, wisdom and experience which will create a lively and interactive dialogue and one you will not want to miss. They will share their insights and years of working with clients which will help you in your thought process and the decisions of choices you are trying to make.

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