Wednesday Night Social

The Essence of Beauty -

Featuring DJ Darling Chuck

Some things, it seems, were created to impress, to dazzle—perhaps even to overwhelm. But the most beautiful things are those you come back to again and again. A spectacular work of art, a building that ingeniously marries form and function. The things that draw you in over and over are not always the things that scream for attention, but those that offer inspiration, even relief. Beauty has many advantages. But perhaps most underrated is how it moves us, transforms us. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Join us in celebrating the CORE: principle of beauty as we launch our new CORE: scent and reveal the transformation of our terrace during our Wednesday Night Social—the first event in a series of experiences celebrating our upcoming
10th Anniversary.

Enjoy complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres inspired by the CORE: scent and music by Darling Chuck, one of New York's most exciting new DJs.

Our Wednesday Night Socials are powered by McIntosh Laboratory.