dangene: The Institute of Skinovation

Considered the “Mayo Clinic of Beauty,” The Institute for Skinovation, founded by beauty expert Dangene, elegantly illustrates the CORE: commitment to state-of-the-art ideas. 

This center for skin care transformation implements the most advanced treatments, tailored expressly to the needs of every individual client. Those who put their skin in the care of Dangene receive treatments from the finely-tuned hands of her team of “skinovators,” who wield the latest research and technology with the meticulous attention of fine artists. Her safe and healthy prescription for skin care may involve the use of lasers, oxygen, LED light machines, microdermabrasion, stem cell therapy, and custom-blended creams and serums. With Dangene, science has achieved a complete harmony in the service of beauty.


Acne Education

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Anti-Aging Education

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Three Steps To Perfection

dangene: The Institute of Skinovation's "Three Steps to Perfection" skincare program begins with a perfect liquid-to-foam cleanser. Formulated without parabens or synthetic dyes and designed to clean without drying, it delivers a precise dose of oxygen and a multi-active beta-glucan complex that invigorates and hydrates.

For step two, spray the Rejuvenating Serum all over the face and neck. This serum, contains antioxidants and hydrating, anti-aging and anti-glycation ingredients to help exfoliate, purify and hydrate all skin types. A multi-tasking powerhouse, it encourages cell renewal and collagen production, restores radiance, reduces the appearance of age spots and soothes irritation.

The third step is moisturizing. The moisturizer can be used both day and night. This exclusive formula contains cactus pectin, Vitamin A and clinical levels of Sepilift to moisturize, strengthen and rejuvenate. Clinical tests prove that these active ingredients reduce multiple aspects of wrinkles and lines by significant percentages. This singular antioxidant formula is targeted to reduce the appearance of facial lines and pore size and correct complexion flaws while leaving the skin silky and supple.

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Meet dangene

Dangene realized her passion for skin transformation and re-imagination at a young age. Having suffered from severe acne, she made it her mission to invent the future of skin care.

After many years of intense research, Dangene created Skinovation, her seamlessly integrated comprehensive approach to delivering healthy, highly-functioning skin that glows from head to toe.

Employing one of the most advanced protocols to total skin transformation in the industry, Dangene treats aging and chronically stressed skin conditions while jumpstarting the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. Combining the latest science and medical-grade, anti-aging technologies — including lasers, LED and oxygen machines, stem cells — with technical artistry, her proprietary methodology is a revolutionary custom-tailored circuit-training program for the skin.

“Every treatment, from head to toe, is customized especially for you,” Dangene explains. “We start with a full body consultation, during which a program is designed for your precise needs. We examine every square inch of your skin and work based on our goal to both treat and eliminate every imperfection.”

Dangene searched far and wide to bring together the best practitioners in the skin care business. Every member of her team of Skinovators is just as dedicated as she is to the art of transforming skin: total body.

Summing up her philosophy, Dangene asserts, “Go out there—play tennis and golf, go biking, running and boating! You live your life and let the Skinovators take care of your skin."

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