More than providing basic fitness regimens, CORE: fit transforms your wellness experience through a lifestyle approach. Examining everything from sleep patterns to eating habits and workplace environments, the CORE: fit team is able to create customized programs that ensure optimal results.

All trainers are certified through CORE: fit’s proprietary method in order to guarantee the highest level of education, expertise, and experience.  The team is comprised of an eclectic group of trainers with a wide and varied skillset, ranging from professional dancers, Olympic athletes, and chiropractors to yoga and Pilates instructors and specialists in exercise science.  

CORE: fit's team is driven by excellence, innovation, expertise and professionalism, making them a natural fit for CORE: members.

CORE: fit transforms the world...by perfecting the art of focusing one's attention on the power to look and feel their best.

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Meet the Zoomtion Team

Nicolas Salcedo

Well versed in a broad range of programs, treatments and modalities, Nick has 15 years of experience increasing function, stability, strength and flexibility for clients. Proficient in client assessment, and time management, Nick is deeply committed to delivering quality and consistent client results. Certified with NASM, his experience includes work with adolescent, adult and mature clients and restoring function following injury, surgery, pregnancy or prolonged inactivity.

Philip Tamorria

Nationally certified with ACSM, Phil is well versed in resistance training, kettlebells, speed & agility, plyometrics, corrective exercise, and flexibility training. Whether its weight loss, strength training, sports-specific training or overall general fitness, Phil utilizes over 10 years in the fitness industry to help you reach your goals.

Krystal Camosse-Dwyer

An Aerobics and Fitness Association of America certified instructor, Krystal has been responsible for teaching and working with clients to develop peak conditioning through intensive strength, aerobics, cardio, and stretching exercises. She has extensive experience creating challenging boot camp classes, and is CPR-AED certified.

Evelyn Fontana

Certified to teach Josh Holland’s POWERED class, Evelyn is a fitness professional who believes in a holistic approach. She takes pride in motivating clients to achieve their goals. Her programs are based on functional strength, core stability, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise. Her years of experience combined with creative and fun programs will make your training something you look forward to.

Josh Holland

Josh is a nationally certified, accomplished celebrity trainer, health coach and fitness expert who utilizes strong knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, and sports to develop proven techniques for his world renowned clients. Josh is a third degree black belt, a former collegiate and professional basketball player, and trained Olympic Athletes. Having transformed the bodies of a host of celebrities including Madonna, Josh has been responsible for the health and wellness of notable people in the worlds of business, fashion and entertainment. As a co-founder of CORE: fit Fitness, and a Global Ambassador for a number of companies including Technogym, Josh leads an elite team of trainers in New York.

Parvati Shallow

Parvati hails from the world of power yoga, boxing and competitive triathlons. After trying kundalini yoga, a style that helps to build the body’s capacity to handle stress and heal trauma, she was hooked on the freedom she felt within and became a certified teacher. Now her mission is to help others through her own vast knowledge of competition (She won CBS’s hit reality TV show SURVIVOR), and her understanding of the mental and emotional state it takes to overcome challenges.

Vivian Soraunet

As a 1st Place finisher in body/figure contests, Vivian knows what it takes to build bodies for peak performance. Certified through Zoomtion Fitness’ Method, she coaches through a series of intense, yet fun movements, and circuit and strength training, prescribed for each individual client.

Walter Savage

As a Division 1 athlete, Walter always took a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition while focusing on exercise physiology in college. After certifications with NASM and ACE, Walter developed a signature training style to successfully transform the body and mind of numerous clients in the New York City area. Walter’s methodology involves a unique combination of cardiovascular conditioning, posture therapy, strength training, and sports specific drills.

Kerry Suseck

Kerry is classically trained in Pilates and has completed a comprehensive training program with Core Pilates NYC. She believes that Pilates can change the way you think, move, and interact...it's not just an exercise it’s a lifestyle. Kerry hopes that through Pilates people will become inspired to make bold choices. 

Ben Hart

Ben is a former 2012 boxing Olympic Trial candidate, golden glove competitor, and Tier 3 Trainer at Equinox. Ben is an active runner, boxer, and influential voice in the fitness industry having been featured in Access Hollywood, Elle, Self, Teen Vogue, Sunday Times, the New York Post and more.

Mariika Bykova

Mariika has more than 12 years of experience as a sports conditioning coach and personal trainer. With certifications from ACE and TRX, she has helped numerous clients achieve their fitness goals, and rehabilitated injured players utilizing her passion about fitness and nutrition to create high-energy, fun programs designed to produce rapid results.

Jessica Alejo

Jessica is a NASM certified seasoned fitness professional dedicated to transforming her clients into athletes; decreasing body fat, increasing strength, agility, coordination, balance and cardiovascular efficiency. She successfully accomplishes these goals through functional, plyometric, strength, aerobic and interval training.

Shawn Gaston

Having received a Ph.D. in Physical Therapy, Shawn is a Muscle Activation Specialist, and certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise. Ger you body back, and ensure it’s working properly, pain free, with Shawn’s proven methodology.

Francesca Valarezo

Known for her enthusiastic energy and authentic commitment, yoga instructor Francesca Valarezo creates the perfect environment for transformation and inspiration, helping you to reset your limits and exceed expectations. Francesca teaches a broad array of yoga styles including vinyasa flow yoga, hot power yoga, restorative yoga, yin yang, and slow flow along with megaformer and strength training classes.

Germany Mayfield

As a CORE: fit Fitness Method certified fitness trainer, Germany is well versed in functional, athletic, and overall conditioning. With more than 7 years of personal training experience, and 17 years in sports related activities, Germany is accustomed to working everyone from beginners to very advanced fitness enthusiasts. Using a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT), muscle building, fat loss, and even cross-fit style training regimens, you won't get bored with Germany's fitness programs.

Mohamed Elzomor

Mo is nationally certified with NASM as a personal trainer and is a neuro-muscular stretch professional. Consistently ranked as a top trainer, Mo specializes in weight loss, sports conditioning, TRX, nutritional counseling, kettlebell training and corrective exercises to help clients achieve their fitness. He is also CPR/AED certified with the American Red Cross.

Isaac Pena

Actively studying yoga for over 20 years, Isaac continually expands his knowledge of the body’s potential. New Yorkers traipse from all over the city to work with this sought after yogi, who has been featured in New York Magazine, the New York Times, Well and Good, and several other publications.

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