Bentley Meeker


Bold Notion is a study in transformation.

Conceived as a series, Bold Notion embraces and embodies the dynamic nature of CORE:—our space, our community, and our culture—and the artists who inspire us. Modern, playful, and inventive, Bold Notion redefines the club experience.


Bentley Meeker’s work is almost exclusively centered around light, the way light affects us individually and the way it affects humanity as a whole. There are properties of light that allow us to easily create a connection to our environments and there are elements within light that, when missing, remove our ability to connect to our environment. The best example is to pass the day in an office and then step into the sunlight. We feel differently in each environment.


For Bold Notion, Meeker continues to explore the presentation and tension of two sources of light juxtaposed in a democratic manner - one full spectrum and the other devoid of spectrum. While subtle to the eye, there is far more going on. The viewer’s awareness, and lack thereof, is the ultimate exploration of this exhibition and Meeker’s work as a whole.

Working from his dual studios in the Hudson Yards district and in Spanish Harlem, Meeker has exhibited at multiple institutions and galleries in the New York area and beyond. He has shown at the Whitney Museum of Art in both the Breuer building and, in collaboration with Carolee Schneeman, created the first work of art ever hung in the Whitney's new downtown home.