Victor Reyes


Bold Notion is a study in transformation.

Conceived as a series, Bold Notion embraces and embodies the dynamic nature of CORE:—our space, our community, and our culture—and the artists who inspire us. Modern, playful, and inventive, Bold Notion redefines the club experience.


Victor Reyes’ featured work at the CORE: club is part of the ongoing artist series Bold Notion. Reyes’ work is abstract consisting of a duality between flowing forms and rigid lines that alter the perception of his paintings. There is a calculated organized confusion within his work, which is achieved through the depth and layers, creating a very unique narrative utilizing his shapes and movement. Subtle figurations and identifiable imagery are evident throughout his work but become altered within the individual perspectives of each viewer.

Revolution painting is what Reyes identifies the circular shapes within many of his works. These circular revolutions of the brush on canvas create shapes that are similar to the face of a clock and equally represent the measurements of time. The emphasis he places on time is perceived as an algorithm or formula that can be used to measure life itself.

Although a very skilled muralist, Reyes is ultimately a prolific contemporary painter who has pushed his artistic journey to the canvas in distinguished new ways. His paintings are a reflection of contemporary culture and the human experience with an emphasis on time and process. While his work remains progressive, he maintains virtues alike many abstract expressionist painters whom he equally draws influence from.


San Francisco painter, Victor Reyes is inspired by the unspoken language of visual art. Reyes is a thinking artist encouraged by his desire for life outside of the norm.

After moving to Southern California in the early 1990’s, he discovered local graffiti on the walls of the city and was forever changed. The large urban masterpieces, bright colors, and typography activated Reyes, now a painter with a graffiti name. The adventure making art on the streets became an exploration and daily exercise to draw, paint, and experiment. After a move to San Francisco and years painting murals and engaging in personal art projects in the community, he started showing in the gallery.

His pictorial sense and narrative conceptualization take form in a new repertoire, a language of painting he actually hopes does not have mass appeal though shown to the masses. A subtext to the city he inhabits, his work is a distinct voice within young American painting. Reyes’ work has been commissioned by brands such as Louis Vuitton, Twitter, and Nike. His paintings have been exhibited in Germany, Japan, Miami, New York and Los Angeles. For Reyes, his work is simply the art of the unimplied.



Roger Gastman is a collector, curator, graffiti historian and urban anthropologist. He started writing graffiti as a teenager in Bethesda, Maryland, and later parlayed his love for it into a legitimate career, becoming a trusted mediator between the underground art scenes and mainstream culture. He founded and co-published Swindle magazine as well as many highly sought- after art books. As the founder and creative director of RRE, he has transformed graffiti and street artists into internationally recognized stars.
Gastman has been involved in critically acclaimed documentaries: Infamy, Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop (which earned an Academy Award nomination for best documentary), The Legend of COOL “DISCO” DAN, and the upcoming WALL WRITERS. He co-authored The History of American Graffiti, co-curated the groundbreaking MoCA Los Angeles’ Art in the Streets exhibit, and curated PUMP ME UP: D.C. subculture of the 1980s at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Gastman remains a maverick in brand consulting and works tirelessly to cement art and graffiti into the contemporary landscape.