A Communal Dining Experience

Join Luxury Wine Purveyor Bespoke Collection for an Incredible Curated Dinner -

Featuring Blackbird Vineyards President Paul Leary

CORE: is thrilled to present this specially curated dinner for wine-lovers. Bespoke Collection and Paul Leary, President of Blackbird Vineyards, will take you on an extraordinary wine journey.

About Bespoke:
Bespoke Collection is thrilled to take you on a journey of unforgettable wine and art experiences customized to your personal tastes. Offering a boutique selection of curated wines from Blackbird Vineyards, ÆRENA Wines and Recuerdo Wines, alongside breathtaking ÆRENA artwork from emerging and recognized artists, Bespoke Collection is your passport to truly unique lifestyle experiences in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, Mendoza, Argentina and beyond.

About Paul Leary, President:
Paul Leary joined Blackbird Vineyards, LLC as President in 2006. In the fall of 2008, Mr. Leary was instrumental in the launch of Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley, an art, wine and design collective in Yountville, CA. Leary’s continuous charge is to build the company’s brand equity and financial returns by ensuring product and service quality while spearheading niche sales & marketing strategies that create consumer demand in the direct and wholesale distribution channels.

In 2011, Leary traveled to Mendoza, Argentina and established a partnership with The Vines of Mendoza to launch a new Argentinean brand, Recuerdo Wines, in the United States and throughout the globe. With two of the world’s leading wine lifestyle companies together, Recuerdo Wines offer wine lovers one-of-a-kind, exclusive wine experiences both north and south of the equator.

As a leading Napa Valley entrepreneur and senior executive, Mr. Leary brings more than 14 years of marketing, sales and operations expertise to his position at Bespoke Collection. During his seven year tenure at St. Helena-based Duckhorn Wine Company, Leary oversaw the marketing and consumer sales for three distinct wine brands including Duckhorn, Paraduxx and Goldeneye.

“The goal is to clearly differentiate our brand offerings, by showcasing the quality of our products and the service of our dedicated team.” The premium sector of the consumer packaged goods industry, Leary notes, has become increasingly fragmented and competitive in a way that he believes renders mass advertising obsolete. The focus therefore is on niche marketing, establishing direct relationships with clients, and maximizing the chain of peer-to-peer referrals. “It’s up to us to create the story and then to let our consumers tell the story,” Leary says.

Leary is a current board director of the Napa Valley Vintners and an active member of the San Francisco Bay YPO Chapter. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California. Additionally, he received a Certificate in eBusiness Strategy and Management from U.C. Davis Extension and a Certificate in Business Administration from U.C. Berkeley Extension. He began his career in the food and beverage industry as general manager for Napa Valley’s noted restaurant, Tra Vigne before segueing into the wine industry. Paul and his wife live in the Napa Valley with their son and daughter.