Learn About Body, Mind and Nutrition—The Key to Vitality -

Don’t miss the workshop by Tina Sodhi and Jacquie Smith

Want to live a healthier life, but don't know where to start? This workshop focuses on simple tools to a healthier lifestyle through exercise, breath and nutrition. You will be exposed to holistic healing methods to better understand the positive effects it has on both your mind and body. Plus, you will get recommendations on the healthiest products to easily include in your daily diet. You will walk away with the knowledge on where to begin so you can be the best version of YOU starting now!

About Tina Sodhi:
Tina Sodhi, a partner at Triago, a global private equity advisory firm. Tina is responsible for fundraising for private equity funds and venture funds.
She is also the founder of Art of Breathing, a riveting business she developed in 2017 teaching employees of companies how to manage stress, stay energized and maintain balance through simple breathing techniques that can be easily applied in today's busy lifestyle. A corporate wellness program that is simple and very effective in a short period of time. Her passion is to share these tools that enable each of us to thrive and live an empowered life.
She is a certified kundalini yoga instructor and teaches classes in NYC, a WAVE Board member and a TEDx speaker https://youtu.be/9FtyvRTWITY
You can find more details at www.artofbreathingnyc.com

About Jacquie Smith:
Founder/Owner of Little Adapts By Jax Ltd, Holistic Nutrition + Fitness Coach
Jacquie Smith found her passion for health and wellness in 2013 when she started experimenting with natural foods and remedies in order to heal herself from cystic acne, horrible digestion and overall exhaustion caused by stress and corporate travel. As a result, she learned the power of food to heal + nourish the mind + body. In 2015, she received her certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Little Adapts By Jax Ltd was born. Her philosophy of "little adapts" allows her clients to gradually instill small, positive changes to create the healthy + happy lifestyle they've always wanted.

As for fitness, she has always been a big runner + athlete, which is why she has completed 7 half marathons, the NYC marathon in 2015, and her first triathlon this past month. However, solely just running wasn't sustainable as she started to develop injuries and needed to cross-train, which is why she fell in love with barre + yoga. She has her barre certification from Exhale + her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification through Poe Yoga to continue to deepen her practices + help her clients reach their own fitness goals.