Wednesday Night Social

Art Meets Tequila -

Celebrating the Park Avenue installations of artist Joseph La Piana

Celebrate the new Park Avenue art installations by Joseph La Piana with tequila cocktails in his honor and special bites by Chef Davide!

Celebrated for his paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photographs, La Piana draws on the continued relationship connecting the genealogy in his work. Like DNA, the artist pulls from the origin of objects, pairing them together with new elements and material, essentially developing a new identity, function and purpose. With “Tension Sculptures” exhibited on Park Avenue until July, the rigid, linear nature of La Piana’s ongoing “Tension Paintings” series exploring the boundaries of tensile strength is translated into three dimensions, comprising monochromatic yellow rubber stretched between and wrapped around stainless steel armatures, akin to a cats-cradle. The sculptures’ need to remain in a constant state of tension is essential to their physical composition, and as a result the artist refers to them as “living sculptures”.

Yet, the “Tension Sculptures” extend the conceptual dialogue that has come to define La Piana’s ongoing body of work. The artist finds parallels between the sculptures and the current experiences of individuals on a global, social scale. Every day, tensions are promulgated by conflicts—whether political, social, environmental, or interpersonal. Tension is a powerful force: it is a source of internal and external agonism that brings to the forefront the countervailing pressures placed on our collective identities in the face of growing dissonance. La Piana’s sculptures, stretched to their capacity, echo this state of cultural and emotional disruption.