CORE: Has Your Exclusive Invitation to the “Davos of the Hamptons” -

The Hamptons Family Office Wealth Forum Hosted by the 1640 Society

CORE: has secured your invite to the most exclusive family office event of the year. Featuring a U.S. Steering Committee run by some of the most prominent families in the nation (including Firestone, Kettering, Forstmann, Bush, Kennedy, Al Alawi, Salsano and Pitcairn families), the one-day conference by 1640 Society offers a fascinating agenda led by bold-face keynote speakers.

The event begins with breakfast and continues with lunch (featuring a musical performance) and evening cocktails. The day is comprised of presentations from some of the leading families in America on philanthropy, investments and family governance. Held at a private residence in Southampton, NY, the Hamptons Family Office Forum is an exclusive invitation-only event that brings together leading family members, and family offices from around the globe for closed door private discussions.

-- Tim Draper, Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
-- Ruben Vardanyan, Founder RVVZ Foundation
-- Habib Al Assad, CIO Royal Family of Dubai
-- Sir Martin Sorrell, Founder, Former CEO, Chairman WPP
-- Sandro Salsano, CEO, Salsano Group
-- Richard Fuld Jr, Former CEO Lehman Brothers
-- Stephen Kennedy Smith, Director, Joseph P Kennedy Enterprises
-- Anthony Scaramucci, Founder & Co Managing Partner, Skybridge Capital LLC

Please note there is a cost to attend the conference.
Single Family Office $1,995
Multi Family Office $2,500
Hedge Funds & Private Equity Funds $3.500
Service Providers $4,500.00

CORE: members are privy to an exclusive discount. Enter CORE at checkout to receive 10% off.

Please note we have very limited invitations to this event, RSVP today! If there is more demand than invitations available, we will hold a lottery. Deadline to RSVP is Aug 6.