Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center Hal Gregersen Visits CORE: -

The best-selling author will discuss his new book “Questions are the Answer”

You won't want to miss this incredible program by Hal Gregersen, the bestselling author and Executive Director of the MIT Leadership Center. He will lead an inspiring discussion on the power of inquiry and how to solve your most vexing problems. From a young age, we are taught that answers matter more than questions. When confronted with a problem, our typical response is to look for a pre-packaged solution. But in a world increasingly transformed by technology and riddled with uncertainty, we face problems that have no ready-made answer or past precedent. Gregersen asks, could better questions be the answer to our greatest problems at work and in life? Join us to find out!

About the Book:
What if you could unlock a better answer to your most vexing problem—whether in your workplace, community, or home life—just by changing the question? Talk to creative problem-solvers and they will often tell you that the key to their success is asking a different question. Take Debbie Sterling, the entrepreneur who founded GoldieBlox. Her idea came when a friend complained about there being too few women in engineering, and Sterling wondered aloud: “Why are all the great building toys made for boys?” Or consider Andreas Heinecke, who created Dialogue in the Dark as an answer to his question: “What kind of job setting would not just accommodate the blind but capitalize on their relative strengths?” Or listen to Jeff Bezos whose relentless approach to problem solving has fueled Amazon’s exponential growth: “Getting the right question is key to getting the right answer.”

Great questions have a catalytic quality—that is, they dissolve barriers to creative thinking and channel the pursuit of solutions into new, accelerated pathways. Often, the moment they are voiced, they have the paradoxical effect of being utterly surprising yet instantly obvious. The remarkable power of questions has always intrigued innovation and leadership guru Hal Gregersen, but it took some years for the follow question to hit him: "If so much depends on asking better questions, shouldn’t we know more about what causes them to bubble up?" That sent him on a research quest that ultimately included over two hundred interviews with creative thinkers and doers from all corners of the world. Questions Are the Answer delivers the insights Gregersen gained about the conditions that give rise to catalytic questions—and breakthrough insights—and how anyone can create them.

“I connected with this book’s message because I lived it. Everything changed for the better when I realized that I, like so many others, was asking the wrong question. Our culture chases conventional notions of success instead of nurturing what would really make us thrive. Hal Gregersen is absolutely right — the best way to get to a better answer is to start with a better question, and we can all learn to do that."
—Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global and Founder, The Huffington Post

“In his new book, Hal Gregersen reveals the power of cultivating a beginner’s mind, deep listening and continuous reflection in search of the right questions. Read this remarkable book and you will find a path to meaningful answers.”
—Marc Benioff, Chairman & Co-CEO, Salesforce

“I see it over and over again. People with huge potential to make their mark in the world, and make the world better, don’t make enough progress because they aren’t starting with the right questions—mainly of themselves. Questions are the Answer is a great read, but more important, I think for anyone trying to solve big problems it will make a huge difference.”
—Tony Robbins, America’s #1 Life and Business Strategist

About Hal Gregersen:
Hal Gregersen (@halgregersen) is executive director of the MIT Leadership Center and a senior lecturer in leadership and innovation at MIT Sloan School of Management. As an inspirational speaker, he has worked with such renowned organizations as Chanel, Disney, Patagonia, UNICEF, and the World Economic Forum, and has been recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the world’s most innovative minds. He has authored or co-authored ten books, translated into fifteen languages, including the bestseller The Innovator’s DNA. Gregersen is also the founder of the 4-24 Project, an initiative dedicated to rekindling the provocative power of asking the right questions so people can pass this crucial creativity skill onto the next generation. Putting his insight into practice, he is the co-creator, along with Sam Abell, of Leadership and the Lens: Learning at the Intersection of Innovation and Image-Making, an executive education experience through MIT Sloan Executive Education in association with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.