Lunch and Learn: Introduction to Conscious Breathing -

With Art of Breathing founder Tina Sodhi

Breathing is the most natural and essential thing we do, but conscious breathing can still pose a challenge. Our rate of breathing and our state of mind are inseparable, so the slower our rate of breathing, the more control we can have over the mind. The benefits of conscious breathing include reduced stress, greater clarity, and increased energy. If you're interested in learning effective breathing tools that you can apply to your daily life, then please join us for an Introduction to Conscious Breathing with expert practitioner Tina Sodhi.

No specific attire is required, as the session will take place in a conference-like fashion, and all levels of experience may participate. For more details check out

About Tina Sodhi:
Tina Sodhi, a partner at Triago private equity, is the founder of Art of Breathing, a company dedicated to bridging the gap between meditation and the corporate world. In her 12 years as teacher and practitioner, Tina discovered natural ways to manage stress, stay energized, and maintain balance through simple breathing techniques that can be easily applied in today's busy lifestyle.