Screening of Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet at The Royal Ballet -

In collaboration with Trafalgar Releasing

Ready to be swept away by the beauty of ballet? Join CORE: and Trafalgar Releasing for a special screening of the classic Romeo and Juliet performed by The Royal Ballet from London’s Royal Opera House.

About the Screening:
Kenneth MacMillan's passionate choreography for Romeo and Juliet shows The Royal Ballet at its dramatic finest. Sergey Prokofiev's iconic score provides the basis for the ballet's romantic pas de deux and vibrant crowd scenes, while 16th-century Verona is created by Nicholas Georgiadis's magnificent designs.

In 1965, MacMillan's Romeo and Juliet was given its premiere at Covent Garden by The Royal Ballet and was an immediate success: the first night was met with rapturous applause, which lasted for 40 minutes, and an incredible 43 curtain calls.

Romeo and Juliet fall passionately in love, but their families are caught up in a deadly feud. They marry in secret, but tragic circumstances lead Romeo to fight and kill Juliet's cousin Tybalt. As punishment, he is banished from the city.

When Juliet's parents force her to marry Paris, she takes drastic action by drinking a potion to make her appear dead so she can escape to join Romeo. But her message explaining this plan fails to reach him. When he hears news of her death, he returns to visit her tomb and kill himself. Juliet wakes to find him dead. Devastated, she stabs herself.

About The Royal Opera House
The Royal Opera House presents more than 400 performances at the iconic Covent Garden theatre in London, each year and reaches an audience of more than 700,000. Beyond that people enjoyed our work across the globe through our ROH Cinema Season, World Ballet Day, Royal Opera House YouTube Channel (which has more than 500,000 subscribers), BP Big Screens and other online and interactive projects. The Royal Opera House also plays a leading role through our Learning and Participation Department, community engagement, skills development, professional training and cultural regeneration in the UK.

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