Lunch and Learn: Janet Marlow Award-Winning Animal Behaviorist and CEO of Pet Acoustics Inc. -

How to give your pet the best life!

Join us Feb 5 for a fun Lunch and Learn with Janet Marlow, International Pet Behaviorist. Make sure your pal Fido is happy by learning solutions to common pet issues. Plus, Janet will discuss general pet-wellness tips for your pet’s best life!

About Janet Marlow
Janet Marlow, Innovator, TV and radio pet expert and Founder of Pet Acoustics Inc. is internationally known for her contribution to the understanding of how sound affects the behavior of dogs, cats, horses and birds. Janet Marlow is the inventor of species-specific music designed by frequency and decibel modification according to each animal to balance behaviors in their living environment. A recipient of Pet Age Magazine’s, Woman of Influence Award, FearFreePets veterinary innovation award and named “Top 100 Companies for brilliant ideas’ by Entrepreneur Magazine for the invention of My Pet Speaker.

Since 2009, Pet Acoustics innovations have helped thousands of pets and pet parents worldwide with clinically proven and veterinarian approved products to promote wellness. Our mission continues to be part of a new awareness of the complex needs of animals. The challenge is to understand how they communicate stress and how to measure the results. The Pet Acoustics team is striving to innovate products that become lifestyle tools for pet parents to provide the best care in this new innovative field.

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