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Lunch and Learn: Enter the World of Luxury Japanese Design -

Featuring Arita Porcelain Lab

Known as the Hermès of porcelain, enter the world of Arita Porcelain Lab. CORE:, Arita and Hideko Colton invites to you a very special Lunch and Learn celebrating spring Cherry Blossoms and Japanese cuisine. Get to know Arita and its beginnings in Yazaeman over a specially curated menu.

About Mr. Satoru Matsumoto,Yazaemon the 7th, President of Arita Porcelain Lab :
After graduating from the Kyushu University Department of Economics, he entered work at a city bank. He continued work there for three years, but was then called upon by his family to take over the family business to conduct civil rehabilitation of 2 billion yen debt. In order to bring back Arita porcelain to the top world level once again, he developed “ARITA PORCELAIN LAB”, a brand that suit the modern lifestyle, which has gained a high reputation thanks to a new style representing the beauty of Japanese four seasons.

What is Yazaemon?
Since 1804, when Matsumoto Yazaemon I opened his kiln in Hizen Arita's Sarayama Kankoubira neighborhood, Yazaemon has been producing traditional “Ko-Imari-ware” through seven generations over 200 years, and became one of Arita's largest porcelain producers.
40 of skilled craftsmen are working at Yazaemon kiln from forming to fusing to enable consistent production, in order us to deliver the true valuable Arita porcelain products.

About Hideko Colton:
Hideko Colton is a Japanese-born American cook, writer and Japanese TV cooking personality. She is the founder of HIDEKO COLTON NEW YORK (Japanese Cooking at home & Introducing her speciality food and beauty) and COLTONS NEWYORK, life style & branding company. She is based in New York City.