Lunch & Learn: How to Interview Well for Senior and Executive Positions -

Featuring career expert Sandy Golinkin

Looking to make that next move in your career. Meet career expert Sandy Golinkin who has hired hundreds of people in her career and interviewed literally thousands. She will share the 5 most important interviewing tips for senior and executive roles that will help you stand out from the competition and make a notable impression to land the job. Particularly:

    How to articulate the strengths and power of themselves as a brand
      Genuinely listen and effectively play back
        How to effectively prepare for the interview
          How to anticipate challenges the company is facing
            Best develop talent

            About Sandy Golinkin:
            Sandy Golinkin, started her career in media. She was the founding publisher of Departures magazine globally, and also ran Travel & Leisure magazine. She then joined CNP where she was Publisher/SVP of Allure, and she then launched Lucky magazine to unprecedented success. She was named publisher of the year at CNP twice and also made the largest sale in the history of the company. She took Lucky into the black faster than any other CNP launch. Sandy currently runs Raising the Bar and her primary focus is to work professionals who are focused on realizing their full potential and possibly switching jobs and/or career paths. She also works with corporations on negotiations, career development , and ideation for new streams of revenue.

            During Sandy’s career She hired and trained over 400 people, who have gone on to impressive careers at Apple, Google, JP Morgan, Facebook, Council on Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs to name a few. Sandy has most recently been written up in the New York Times and in the WSJ. She’s in the business of people.