An Intimate Conversation with Massimo Ferragamo and Richard David Story -

Chairman of the iconic luxury fashion house visits CORE:

Love luxury, fashion, and all things Italian? Perhaps there are few more intriguing than Massimo Ferragamo, the current Chairman of the luxury Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo. With a career that has spanned decades, Mr. Ferragamo visits CORE: for an exclusive conversation with luxury guru Richard David Story.

Join in as they discuss not only how Italian brands are built but also the Italian way of living from Mr. Ferragamo’s love of fine wines (he has his own label, naturally) to living the true Tuscany lifestyle. You just might just be inspired to take your own trip to the magical country for a taste of la dolce vita!

About Massimo Ferragamo:
After studying law at the University of Florence in 1982, Massimo participated in the Executive Training Program at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. After completing the program, he remained in the US as an integral management team member of the Ferragamo Company, and in 1985 was appointed President of Ferragamo USA. In the year 2000 he was appointed Chairman which is the position he currently holds today.

Ferragamo USA, a wholly owned company of Salvatore Ferragamo SpA, exclusively distributes Ferragamo products throughout North America. The offices and showrooms of Ferragamo USA are located on Fifth Avenue, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. The company operates as a distributor serving a network of Ferragamo retail stores, outlets, and corners in major department stores throughout the United States, which are controlled directly by Ferragamo. Currently there are 48 locations in the US and Canada located in all major cities. Leather products, as well as ladies and men's shoes, constitute the majority of Ferragamo’s business, while the remainder of sales are distributed between ladies and men’s ready-to-wear, silks, and accessories.

Aside from his responsibilities at Ferragamo USA, in 2002 Massimo secured his “first stone” in the wine world – Tenuta Prima Pietra – where he crafted his very own blend. The property is situated along the Tuscan coast and unfurls across a hill, the highest one in Riparbella, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and comprises 200 impressive hectare, 11 of which are under vine. In 2003 Massimo purchased the property Castiglion del Bosco. “CdB” is one of the 25 wineries who founded the Brunello di Montalcino denomination, and has been producing wine from the early 1900’s. Massimo, together with his wife Chiara, developed Castiglion del Bosco into a 5 star plus luxury resort currently managed by the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts Group. CdB is comprised of a hotel, 20 private villas, a Winery, and the only private Golf Club in Italy.

Massimo serves on the board of Ferragamo Finanziaria, which is the Ferragamo family’s holding company. He is also Vice President of the Lungarno Hotel Group, which is also owned by Ferragamo Finanziaria, and operates several hotels throughout Italy. Massimo also serves on the board of the Ferragamo Foundation which focuses on philanthropic endeavors. Massimo joined the board of Philip Morris International in December of 2016, and he is also is on the board of a several non-profit organizations among which are the American Italian Cancer Foundation, the Foundation for Italian Art & Culture, and the Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation.

Mr. Ferragamo was honored by the National Italian American Foundation in Washington DC, and the Fondazione Italia USA, and awarded him with the “Premio America” award which is presented to individuals who have assisted in strengthening the relationship between Italy and the United States.
Mr. Ferragamo is the youngest of the 6 children of Salvatore and Wanda Ferragamo. He has been married to Chiara Miari Fulcis since 1993, and they have two sons, Giacomo 21 and Federico 19.

Moderated by Richard David Story:
Richard David Story has, for the greater part of his career, devoted himself to the world of luxury travel. For the past 17 years, Story was the editor of DEPARTURES, the award-winning luxury travel and lifestyle magazine published by American Express for Platinum and Centurion cardholders. In 2010 THE LATIN ISSUE, which covered South America from its cover to its back page, won Best Magazine of The Year from the American Society of Magazine Editors. “I have always loved that Alexander the Great was said to have wept when he realized that there were an infinite number of worlds,” Story says. “Travel is a way of throwing open the windows of life and breathing in a vast new world of experiences, not only geographically but spiritually.” Before DEPARTURES, Story was the Features Director of American VOGUE, Associate Managing Editor of NEW YORK magazine, and senior editor of TRAVEL & LEISURE and ESQUIRE magazines Currently, he is living in New York where he acts as a consultant to a wide variety of luxury and travel brands. He is a Contributing Editor to TOWN & COUNTRY. Richard grew up in Oklahoma, attended Williams College and graduated magna cum laude with degrees in American history and European art.