A Private Art Tour and Dinner with Artist Sei Smith -

Part of the CORE: art program

Join CORE: as we celebrate the exhibition of artist Sei Smith in our Library space, followed by a private dinner with the New York native. Sei will be on hand to discuss his works and lead members on a special tour of his pieces.

About Sei Smith:
Sei Smith was born in New York City in 1990. He studied painting at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. In 2012, Smith and his brother founded Apostrophe NYC, an art gallery/curation experiment. They notably staged guerrilla pop-ups in the stairwell of the Whitney, the courtyard at MoMa PS1 and a Brooklyn subway station. Along with his art practice, Sei continues to curate shows/happenings in NYC.

Visually Smith draws from the forms and materiality of Minimalism and Light and Space, but conceptual he strays from the absolutism and essentiality of those movement, opting for a more playful and inquisitive idea of Art. Creating works that can be interacted with and interpreted with fluidity, Smith is primarily concerned with objects as a vehicle for experience. Always questioning and reexamining how we view art and how we can view art, Smith views all works as site specific installations. The work often repurposes natural phenomenon, such as the physics of light and shadow, as subject matter.