Join David Sinegal, Founder of Napa Valley Winery Sinegal Estate, for an Incredible Dinner -

To feature wine pairings from the vineyard

Expect wonderful culinary delights paired with the magnificent Napa Valley wines of Sinegal Estate

About David Sinegal
Wine has always been a part of David Sinegal’s life. For as long as he can remember, he has enjoyed wine together with his father, the founder and former CEO of Costco. This bond fueled his desire to create Sinegal Estate Winery and offer guests a quintessential and idyllic Napa Valley experience.

Before he purchased the historic Inglewood Estate in 2013 to transform it into a distinctive winery experience, Sinegal founded his own consulting firm in Seattle, Orivo Consulting. There, he set vision and strategy for management, and worked on product development, branding, and marketing for clients including Pepsi, Quaker, and Dean Foods. Previous to Orivo, he was responsible for the wine and spirits selection for Costco across much of the Western United States.

Through his experiences, both in consulting and with wine, Sinegal has come to several beliefs that determined much of how Sinegal Estate operates. Most importantly, he believes that in order to do anything well, one must be fully invested in the project. This attitude led to his decision to live full-time in the 19th Century Victorian on the property with his family. “I guess it's like sleeping at the office,” he says. “I'm always thinking about how to make the guest experience and wine better.”

Sinegal also believes that wine is an experience defined largely by context: company, place, ambiance, and food are all reflected by what is in a particular wine glass. He thinks of wine in moments. His goal with Sinegal Estate Winery was to create a complete 360 degree unparalleled guest experience. This is what led to the various tableaus that fill the property: hillside vistas, wandering gardens, a tranquil lake. During his down time, David can be found cooking for his wife Shelly and their two children. He spends much of his time outdoors and likes to stay active

About Sinegal Estate
Sinegal Estate was founded in 2013 by David Sinegal, but the historic and majestic estate that the winery calls home was developed in the mid-1800s. David’s mission for his winery is to preserve traditions, cherish the land, modernize the facilities, and deliver an authentic experience. The team is led by acclaimed winemaker Ryan Knoth, who oversee the wines; veteran grower Jim Barbour and his talented team manage the vineyards; and Trevor Antognini runs estate operations. With an unwavering commitment to quality, using traditional methods of farming, and modern methods of fermenting, they meticulously craft distinct bottle of wines which capture the true spirit of this magnificent estate.

$75 per person (plus tax & gratuity)