Topic Talks with Pop-Up Magazine -

You’re invited to a night of live music and storytelling

Looking for something fun to do on Saturday night? TOPIC is offering CORE: members complimentary tickets to a very cool new show called Topic Talks (in partnership with PopUp Magazine), taking place on Saturday, June 22 at NYU’s Skirball Center. Featuring John Cameron Mitchell, creator of the iconic film and Tony-winning Broadway musical Hedwig And The Angry Inch, the event will also feature special guest musicians to perform songs from Mitchell's new podcast musical, Anthem. Also expect feature contributors from music, film, radio and print journalism to share profound and unexpected stories about the ways music shapes our lives.

Clink on the link here to select your free seat (while supplies last)!

60 Washington Sq S Ste 505
New York, NY 10012

Featured Contributors:

John Cameron Mitchell directed, starred in & co-wrote the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, with his Broadway production of the film winning a Tony Award® and earning John a special Tony® for his return to the role. He’s directed the films Shortbus, Rabbit Hole and How to Talk to Girls at Parties & starred in recurring roles in HBO’s Girls, CBS’s The Good Fight and Hulu’s Shrill. John also co-created the groundbreaking new podcast Anthem: Homunculus, available on Luminary.

Alison Fensterstock, a New Orleans-based radio producer and writer, will take you to the Kentwood Historical Museum, aka the Britney Spears Museum in Kentwood, Louisiana, to learn about the life of a young Britney fan who made donating his music collection to this small town museum his final act.

Sam Green, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker known for his innovative “live documentaries” that have rocked festivals like Sundance, will showcase his documentary on Louis Armstrong. It’s a deep dive into Armstrong’s obsessive recordings of his life, including an intimate window into his relationship with his wife.

Devon Guinn, a Harvard-educated award-winning beatboxer, works to bring established notation and a centralized base of knowledge to this music discipline that previously had none. He breaks down the elements of beatboxing on stage.

Britt Julious, a Chicago-based writer who focuses on the underground, the avant-garde and the underdog, will detail the story of how, in 2017, a group of women known as the Resistance Revival Chorus went viral in the months after the Women’s March. Britt will chart the rise of this revival and look at the history of protest choirs.

Brittany Spanos, a Rolling Stone writer who covers music, fandom and pop culture, will present a brief history of the world’s most dangerous karaoke songs that have actually driven people to murder—or at least extreme annoyance.

Jason Ward is the host of the video series, Birds of North America, and Outreach Coordinator for the National Audubon Society. Born and raised in the Bronx, Jason’s mission is to change the way the public views wildlife, and to blaze a trail for future generations of birders from underserved communities. As you learn Jason’s story, he will also teach you about the music made by birds.

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