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Power Breakfast with Mitzi Perdue, of the Sheraton and Perdue dynasties -

How to grow small family businesses and to make them last

Mitzi Perdue shares what enabled her father, Ernest Henderson, to grow the Sheraton hotels from nothing to employing 20,000 people, and also what enabled her husband, Frank Perdue, to grow his poultry company from a father and son operation to one that today employs 22,000 people. Mitzi herself founded a flourishing agricultural and commercial real estate company in 1974, and it's now second generation.

How to inspire loyalty, engagement, and a willingness to go extra mile:
• Learn tips that can enable small companies to grow big and big companies to grow bigger.
• Discover strategies for success that work at every level in an organization, & for every size company.
• Learn techniques for inspiring your employees to go the extra mile.
• Discover original and innovative techniques for creating life-long loyalty.

How to keep your family together across generations:
Perdue shares her personal experiences with her three multi-generational business families, including the tips, techniques, attitudes and practices that have enabled them to continue for a combined total of more than three centuries. Learn how to:
• Instill values that make a continuing business possible.
• Strengthen the family culture so the family business remains intact.
• Teach family members from the youngest age to value being part of the family business.

How to be all you can be:
• How your greatest weaknesses can become the source of your greatest success.
• What winners do that you can do.
• Why one good idea can change your life - and how to get that good idea.

About Mitzi Perdue:
Mitzi Perdue holds a BA degree with honors from Harvard and and MBA from George Washington University. As a former rice grower in California, she is a past president of the 35,000-member American Agri-Women. In addition, she was one of the U.S. Delegates to the United Nations Conference on Women in Nairobi and is a former Commissioner for the U.S. National Commission on Libraries and Information Science. CERES Farms, which Mitzi founded and which her sons manage, is a major supplier of wine grapes to Joel Gott, Robert Mondavi, Kendall Jackson, Gallo, McManis, Sutter Home, Diageo and Wine Group

Her career has centered on women helping women, and during her tenure as president of this country’s oldest and largest farm women’s organization, the focus of her presidency was on giving women the tools needed for professional success and influence, including public speaking, parliamentary procedure, time management, public relations, and learning how to work effectively in organizations.

For most of her career, she was a syndicated columnist, and Scripps Howard distributed her column, THE ENVIRONMENT AND YOU to 420 newspapers. In the last year, she has written 85 published articles, mostly on business. She’ll be talking with us about Start with you, growing up in Sheraton family, starting your own business, marriage to Frank Perdue and raising children to be entrepreneurs!

About Women's Entrepreneurship Day:
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) is a non-governmental volunteer-led organization whose mission is to accelerate and educate the world on the importance of empowering women in business globally. Founded in 2013 by Entrepreneur & Humanitarian Wendy Diamond, she was initially inspired to launch the WEDO movement after spending time in Honduras with the Adelante Foundation which provides microloans to impoverished women to start their own businesses. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is now officially proclaimed as a Day around the world on November 19. WED is celebrated annually at the United Nations and has chapters in 144 countries and on 110 universities/colleges internationally.

WEDO convenes Business Leaders, Change Makers, Government Officials and Civil Society to collaborate and find solutions in critical areas of entrepreneurship eco-systems, education, and policy creation to empower women in business. WEDO’s social media campaign, #ChooseWOMEN has a tremendous international and active following that works to share data around how when women are elevated financially, communities, states, and countries prosper, which builds a global blueprint to alleviate and eradicate poverty.