Wednesday Night Social

Kick Off 2019 with Our First Club Social of the Year! -

Featuring La Birra di Meni

Celebrate the start of 2019 with a very special CORE: Wednesday Night Social! Enjoy savory truffle fries and delicious lamb and beef sliders by the fireplace while you sway to the tunes of our talented musician, Todd Alsup. It’s the recipe for the perfect winter evening to kick off the new year!

About Todd Alsup:
Todd Alsup is a New York City based pianist and singer-songwriter endorsed by Yamaha. He has been profiled in Billboard Magazine and Performing Songwriter and featured on MTV, PBS, and Sirius XM Radio. He has toured throughout the United States and Europe. Alsup's style has been compared to John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Gavin Degraw and Rufus Wainwright. His full-length debut, Todd Alsup, is available on iTunes.

About La Birra di Meni: From Mortar to Malt
La Birra di Meni exemplifies the quest for purity in beer. It is unfiltered, unpasteurized, bottle conditioned Italian artisanal beer packed with probiotics, all natural minerals and B-vitamins retaining all of the nutritional benefits found in lovingly brewed beer liberated from commercial preservatives and additives. Domenico "Meni" Francescon and his son Giovanni bottle condition each beer with live, active yeast slowly fermenting in the bottle creating delicate all-natural carbonation enhancing the complex flavors and aromas of fine artisanal beer with age.

La Birra di Meni is handmade with fresh mountain water from the Dolomites one tank at a time by Meni and his son Giovanni in the Northeast of Italy in Cavasso Nuovo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. They can only sustainably produce 50,000 bottles of sparkling liquid art per year. The beer that Meni brews has been over 35 years in the making and it is a beautiful, rare and very real story of passion and determination. Meni, at 70 years young, and his son Giovanni still touch every bottle and hand pack every case. Meni is not just a brewer or a brand, he is an artist. Drink La Birra di Meni and be transported to experience the bright colors, aromas, flavors, places, and people of the storied region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.