Wellness Wednesday -

Featuring personalized IV drips, LED skin treatment and light and nutritious bites

Summer is in the air and the fourth floor of CORE: has been buzzing with an added sense of zeal as members do their best to get their summer bodies on! It is the perfect time to announce a very exciting new partnership between CORE: club, David Kirsch, and IVDRIPS – a customized hydration and wellness concierge company. GetKirsched® at the CORE: Club before the official kick-off of summer with IVDRIPS for ultimate wellness.

IVDRIPS, is an infusion and wellness center dedicated to restoring your body with its natural nutrients and key vitamins, has teamed up with David Kirsch at the CORE: club to create personalized drips for your mind and body.

To celebrate this partnership and to officially welcome summer, we’d like to invite you to a day of wellness on June 19 from 9AM-3PM in the Library on the 4th floor.

  • IV DRIPS is offering their curated, customized drips at 50% discount

  • Acclaimed Chef Davide Venturini will be offering complimentary delicious and nutritious summer bites

  • The Institute of Skinovation - Dangene will be offering complimentary LightStim Professional Anti-Aging LED light sessions

  • Sip on David Kirsch Protein Plus smoothies

  • Medical Benefits of IV Infusions with IVDRIPS:
    IV infusions are an efficient and effortless way to receive your vitamins. The 1st benefit of IV infusions is the immediate effect of the vitamin benefits. Since the vitamins are introduced directly to the bloodstream, you are receiving the nutritional benefits of the vitamins at a faster rate.

    In the same vein, the 2nd benefit of IV infusions is the 100% bioavailability of the vitamins and nutrients. We are bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, therefore going directly to the bloodstream. You are receiving 100% of what the vitamins have to offer. Nothing gets lost on the way!

    A forgotten but necessary need, hydration. This is the 3rd benefit of IV infusions. Your body will soak up the hydration fluids that we provide in each of our Drip bags. Through IV infusions your body is able to absorb a significant amount more of H20, than you chugging a water bottle down.