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CORE: fit is the premier intersection of fitness and wellness. Through top-level coaching, state-of-the-art technology and thoughtfully customized services, CORE: fit drives member results with both consistency and efficiency. Just as our members are brilliant in their individual unique ways, so is it our philosophy that no one fitness and wellness program should be the same.

CORE: fit services

Private Training

Ready for a body transformation? Our private training program features quality one-on-one coaching with our top-level experts. Expect dynamic excellence as each session is specially curated for both fitness level and goals. Private training is available in 60-minute and 30-minute sessions.

EMS 30 Training

For the early adopter, CORE: is one of the exclusive locations in NYC to offer the EMS training system. Electrical Muscle Stimulation enhances the body’s natural process of voluntary muscular contractions, using “optimal” electrical impulses. EMS offers an efficient, intense and full-body workout unlike any other—all in 30 minutes!

LIFT session

Busy much? Take your fitness with you, with LIFT, our premier digital fitness platform that enables members to work with a CORE: trainer wherever they are. Available on most digital devices, LIFT makes fitness engaging and convenient. Get connected, stay connected and most importantly, see results!

Wellness Coaching

Forget silos. Today it’s all about living an integrated lifestyle. More than just fitness, CORE: fit leads clients through the process of observing and assessing the stresses of modern-day living and what it takes to truly maintain their edge.

Using holistic and scientific approaches, we obtain an internal “snap shot” through blood work and organic acids testing. Using this inside-out approach, we make specific recommendations to the individual addressing specific areas of concern:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • Constant fatigue
  • Unexplained weight gain
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